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Using the map

The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail spans much of the Ontario shores of the Great Lakes. This interactive Web Map will let you zoom to different areas to learn about the route. The overview map shows the entire route as a solid line. Additional information such as trail type and nearby amenities will appear as you zoom in. Click on the trail or point of interest for more information.

Click on the menu button (3 bars) in the top left corner of the map to change visible layers and access print and mobile options.

Zoom to trail extents

Zoom map to the full extents of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail.

Pan to your location

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Mobile Mode

Enable mobile mode to load a lighter version of the interactive web map that does not include details about trail attributes. If 'cookies' are enabled in your browser you setting will be remembered. Note that if you have already loaded attribute data before mobile mode is switched on, you can continue to use data until next time page is loaded.


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Information Panel

Clicking on a route or point of interest will cause an information panel to appear with details about what you clicked. Where available, links to printable PDFs and community tourism information will appear at the bottom of this box. Links will open in a new browser tab.

Opening in Google Maps

This application uses Google Maps as its base. If you are logged into Google, places you have saved will appear as stars on this map. You can open the current display area in Google Maps (without the trail routing) to save places or get directions by clicking the Google logo in the bottom left corner.



Great Lakes Waterfront Trail

Trail is on-road and may share lane with other traffic
Dedicated multi-purpose trail
Use caution in this area.
Under Construction
Section of trail is temporarily out of service.
Proposed new routing.


Enable the itineraries layer from the main menu to see suggested day trips. Click on a trip to get a description.


Partnering Trails

Partnering trail layers can be enabled from the main menu.

Trans-Canada Trail
Greenbelt Route

Other Connecting Trails (Google Bicycling layer)

Dedicated lanes
Bicycle-friendly roads
Dirt/unpaved trails

Points of Interest

Staging Area
Location is a good place to start or end your trip. Parking and washrooms available here.
Border Crossing
Access to/from the U.S.A.
Tourist Info
Travel Information available.
Interpretation Panel
An interpretation panel available here with information about the area or wildlife.
Day parking available here.
Scenic Lookout
Great views of the surrounding landscape.
Bathroom facilities available here.
Other attraction
Other point of interest.
Multiple attractions
Zoom in or click for details.


Access Point
Limited access to trail in this area. Access the trail here.
Use caution in this area.
Under Construction
Trail closed due to construction. Use alternate route.
Trail closed due to flooding. Use alternate route.
No Cycling
This section of trail is restricted to pedestirans only.
Railway Crossing
Use caution crossing railway.